BA in Exercise Science

National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) – Certified Personal Trainer


Meet Ellie!  Ellie graduated from Fort Lewis College in December of 2014 with her B.A. in Exercise Science (Exercise Physiology).  She is also an NCSF certified personal trainer (May 2014.)

Ellie was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in July of 2012 adding to her lifetime battle with weight.  She began struggling with multiple medications to control her blood glucose that led her to be constantly exhausted and left her with no motivation to get better.  In September of 2015, Ellie was introduced to Ketogenics.  She has committed to a Ketogenic lifestyle as part of her own personal transformation.

As a transformation coach Ellie focuses on 4 main components; nutrition, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  She has a passion for helping others find and keep motivation in their own journey.  Ellie is excited to share all of the things she’s learned in her journey.

Ellie Boroff