• BA in Psychology
  • Certified Nutritionist – AFAA
  • Certified Neurotherapist


Lisa is committed to improving people’s lives because of her own struggles to achieve better health.  She was on anti-depressants, pre-diabetic, high blood pressure, and IBS issues and her health spiraled out of control. Lisa tried everything to find a solution.  She decided to take responsibility for her own health.  Lisa has seen amazing results in her own life with a low carbohydrate, high fat approach to nutrition.  After turning her health around, she decided that she wanted to support others on their journey.

Lisa has also been working in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy for over 10 years which has been used with weight loss and peak performance for athletes.  As someone who personally faced struggles in her own life, Lisa is especially qualified to help people, simply because she’s been there too.  Lisa’s philosophy is ‘Health and wellness is an emotional journey.’

In addition to nutrition and neuro-therapy, Lisa has run two Chicago Marathons, many road bike tours, and competed in a figure competition.

Lisa Colclasure